Ecosoya PB,今年原廠已經改版,形狀從顆粒狀改為雪花片狀


Ecosoya PB,今年原廠已經改版,形狀從顆粒狀改為雪花片狀,他不是c3/464,如果你跟我們買的時候,我們出完顆粒狀的,就會改成雪花片狀的,請不要退貨喔,謝謝,我們會不受理


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One of the most common questions we get asked is “What is the difference between the waxes in flake and pastille form?” 🤔The answer is… nothing. KeraSoy Pillar 4120 and EcoSoya Pillar are two of our most popular waxes. With the increased demand, we decided to dedicate flaker machines to finish these waxes instead of adding them to the queue for the pastillators, so your favourite waxes get to you faster. They are made the same way and every batch goes through the same rigorous testing methods prior to being dispatched. 🏭The only difference is the form they take when they are finished.

我們最常被問到的問題之一是“蠟在雪花片狀和顆粒狀形式有什麼區別? 』🤔答案是… 沒什麼。 KeraSoy Pillar 4120和EcoSoya Pillar是我們最受歡迎的兩種蠟。 隨著需求的增加,我們決定專用雪花狀機器來完成這些蠟,而不是將它們加入做成顆粒狀的排隊排伍中,所以你得早點收到你最喜歡的蠟。它們的製作方式相同,每一批在派出之前都經過相同的嚴格測試方法。 🏭唯一不同的是他們完成後所採取的形狀